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Care for Chiffon Shawl

We are all busy bee 🐝 ! Aren’t we?

But there are times you really need to put more effort just to keep things in a good condition, such as your Chiffon shawl 🧕🏼. Yes, sure you have a few of them but why not taking care of it so it last longer.

Most of the garments made from delicate fabrics 🕊 require special care when it comes to laundry time. Chiffon fabric is thin, transparent and we always want it to be flowy that is why it needs the extra attention girls.

Regardless of the type of chiffon, you own whether it’s been made from silk, nylon or rayon. It's best to wash it gently to help preserve the life of the shawl. Chiffon shawls should preferably be hand-washed 🖐🏼 or slow machine washed with extra care so that the fabric does not get frayed.

It is preferable to wash in cold water as the water will tighten and secure the material in the fabric itself. Some manufacturers might mix the chiffon material with polyester or some other material. Hence, washing it in cold water can reduce the impact of the shawl losing its shines. ✨


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